Blason Wines

Blason Wines





    Cabernet Franc


    25 to 35 years



  • SOIL

    Terra Rosso


    105 ft.


    The Culture of Pleasure. Hand harvested. Estate produced. 

    Blason Wines is a fast-growing Italian winery in the Isonzo del Friuli DOC area. It is located on the banks of the Isonzo River, instantly recognizable for the extraordinary natural landscapes. The river runs throughout the heart of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, not far from the Karst plateau and in the vicinity of the Republic of Slovenia. Drawing from tradition but above all from his family and from a team of close and skilled people, Giovanni Blason has succeeded in making a breakthrough with the company, which is now known and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

    Giovanni Blason and his wife Valentina are young producers who continuously surprise with the great price-to-quality ratio of their wines, earning them loads of praise in Gambero Rosso and beyond. Their small winery on the extreme eastern edge of Italy produces about 3,000 cases annually and Valentina and Giovanni, with the help of his consulting enologist Andrea Rossi, are producing wines of outstanding quality for affordable prices. The Blason Estate extends over 45 hectares, of which 18 are cultivated with vineyards. The techniques used in cultivating the vines respect the principles of sustainable agriculture, where man and nature complement each other. The vineyards are managed in a way that makes the most of the mild climate and the rough, stony soil and the result is wines which are fruity, mineral and aromatic.

    A family rooted on the land and with a passion that grows and consolidates itself in great wines. Giovanni, Alberto and Roberto cultivate the vineyards with targeted interventions, aiming at enhancing the natural balance between plant, soil and climate. The healthy, concentrated and mature grapes enhance their aromatic. Due to a unique terroir the wines are provided with extraordinary minerality, depth and sapidity.