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  • SOIL

    Clay and sand with traces of river gravel




    Estate Produced, Hand Harvested. Making Life More Enjoyable.

    Ca di’ Rajo is an independent family-owned winery in Piave established in 1931, long before Prosecco became the runaway success story it is today. They own all their own vineyards, and don’t buy any grapes or wines, and are totally in control of their own destiny. Ca di’ Rajo harvests 25 year old Glera vineyards and make delicious Charmat method Prosecco and also a Pet-Nat unfiltered Glera named “Le Moss” wine which is the traditional style of Prosecco.

    The winery, built in modern style but respectful of the traditional architecture of the Piave area, is equipped with modern facilities for winemaking. Cà di Rajo focuses mostly on development and production of indigenous varieties of Treviso’s province, although they also produce some excellent Sauvignon and Bordeaux blends.

    Ca’ di Rajo winery is run by brothers Simone, Alessio and Fabio; it has a production capacity of 3 million liters, 1.4 of which are potential in autoclaves (during harvest, part of the must is cold stored; with this procedure, it can be used on sparkling wine bases to refresh the wines). The company uses the most innovative winemaking technologies; however, its modern facility and young team are located in a fascinating historical context, in an estate located within a medieval village.

    In the late nineteenth century, the Bellussera, an innovative vine training method, revolutionized the agronomic culture of Treviso. It was a new training system that raised vines up to 4 metres off the ground, arranging them in a semi-circle. Raised and protected, the plant could finally grow and expand freeing all their vigour. The Bellussera allowed farmers to increase grape production, while the area between rows was used for cereal crops, which were essential for farmers to feed themselves and their families.

    Ca’ di Rajo is a winery immersed in the valley and surrounded by vineyards, which identifies itself in the development and production of autochthonous vine varieties of Treviso’s province. One of these wines is the Prosecco Superiore di Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, which finds its home among the gentle hills, captivating guests in each seasons thank to its unforgettable colors, perfumes and tastes.