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Casa Santos Lima





    The great Portuguese producer – Casa Santos Lima

    Casa Santos Lima was originally started by Joaquim Santos Lima, who, by the turn of 19th century, was already a great producer and exporter of Portuguese wines.

    Maria João Santos Lima and José Luís Santos Lima Oliveira da Silva, granddaughter and great grandson of the founder, re-launched Casa Santos Lima in 1990, replanting most of the vines, improving agricultural techniques and modernizing all its productive structure.

    Casa Santos Lima has a very wide wine portfolio, producing every year and from 5 different regions red wines, whites, roses, sparkling, ‘frisantes’, ‘leves’ and even dessert wines. This big assortment made up from various different brands, allows the company to flourish in national and international markets and is one of the reasons for a continuous and sustained growth year after year.

    It is a family-owned company connected with the regions of Lisbon, Algarve, Alentejo, Vinho Verde and Douro. From around 400 hectares of vineyards, it produces wines known for their excellent quality/price ratio and exports around 90% of its total production to close to 50 countries in all 5 continents.


    Most of Casa Santos Lima’s estates are located in Alenquer, 45 km north of Lisbon. The vineyards are planted in gentle slopes with altitudes between 100 and 220 meters benefiting from an excellent sun exposition and a climate slightly tempered by the nearby Atlantic Ocean, 25 km away from the property. The fresh summer nights and gentle winters are a key factor for the production of quality grapes. The maritime influence contributes for the production of wines with a nice acidity. The soils are mainly clay and limestone.


    The typically Mediterranean mild climate, with more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year, the proximity to the ocean and the clay and limestone soils ensure magnificent conditions for producing high quality grapes. The majority of Casa Santos Lima’s vineyards are located in Tavira and the wines produced are characterized by being smooth, velvety and fruity.


    The vineyards, located near Beja, are planted in naturally warm lands of continental climate with an evident Mediterranean influence. The low elevated soils of clay and shale ensure all the right conditions for the production of high quality grapes. The red wines reveal rich tannins and structure and the whites and roses show great freshness and smoothness.

    Vinhos Verdes

    The 36 hectares of vineyards, located in the Demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes benefit from a cool and damp climate with Atlantic influence. The wines are characterized by an aromatic intensity, combined with high freshness and minerality.


    Located in the Demarcated Region of Douro, at an altitude of 600 metres it is an area known for the quality of its wines. The vines are terraced or simply planted in ridges carved out into the rocky soil, having an average of 65 years old, but many of them are over 100 years old.