Château La Lieue

Château La Lieue



    Coteaux Varois en Provence




    25 years



  • SOIL



    623 to 900 ft


    Organic Farming. Minimal Sulfites.


    It was in 1876 that Batilde-Philomène acquired the Estate for her son Louis. A line of winemakers was born. Thus, for five generations, it is with love and passion that the Vial Family has matured its wines. The Chateau La Lieue wines have been produced organically for more than 20 years. That means they grow vineyards without herbicides, pesticides or any other chemicals.


    The Château La Lieue illustrates the character and philosophy of the wines of Provence. Situated between Aix en Provence and Saint Tropez, the winery nestles in the middle of hilly lands covered by the Mediterranean forest, bursting with pines, oaks, junipers and various herbs. The glorious and generous sun ensures a good maturation of the grapes, while the coolness and freshness of the night bring about a slight acidity. The significant thermic amplitudes between day and night are a guarantee of slow and progressive ripening of the grapes harmoniously combining warmth and consistency with freshness and delicate acidity. This unique terroir is nowadays the subject of a great interest of the winegrowers.

    The fifth generation of the Vial family maintains this close and intimate relationship with nature and the terroir. Their passion is palpable. The end result is top quality grapes, from which great wines are crafted, ranking among the greatest references of the Coteaux Varois appellation. Julien Vial is the current owner and the fifth generation of winemakers at Chateau La Lieue. Julien is extremely passionate about nature and making wines that tell a story of the soil they come from.  Chateau La Lieue has been certified organic since 1998. The organic farming allows them to showcase natural qualities of the land, where the grapes are hand harvested and vinified with the utmost care and minimal sulfites. Their vineyard is planted in clay and limestone and produces excellent red, white and rose wines.

    The Château La Lieue vineyard extends over 78 hectares bathing in the Provence sun, in the heart of Provence Verte. Château La Lieue cultivates an extraordinary vineyard in L’Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) Coteaux Varois in Provence. These 78 hectares of vines are treated completely organically, and the domaine is certified Ecocert. Of course it precisely implies no weed killers, no insecticides and no chemical or synthetic products whatsoever – at Château La Lieue the vine rows are traditionally plowed and then enriched with organic manure, copper and sulfur. This ecosystem secures the obtaining of precious, rich and voluptuous healthy grapes that the winemaker, once the harvest is complete, will vinify with the greatest care.

    The nature is queen here, as Château La Lieue has adopted organic methods of viticulture more than two decades ago. The AOC Coteaux Varois wines in Provence of Château La Lieue are emblematic of this ‘limestone Provence’ with its fresh and savory cuvées full of sunshine.