Château L’Escart

Château L’Escart



    Bordeaux Superiore


    43 years



  • SOIL

    Gravel, Clay, Limestone.


    150 ft.


    Organic & Biodynamic, Authentic wines.

    Hand harvested, Estate produced.

    Chateau L’Escart insists on two promises. Firstly, to be passionate about its traditional agricultural heritage and secondly, to produce authentic wines which are drunk with the heart and the mind. They are totally convinced that the quality of the wines crafted on this land is a direct result of the love they have for it and the respect they pay it. Their motto is:  ‘Produce wines of exceptional quality whilst respecting the land which is on loan to us from our children.’


    The Laurent family has been superbly sharing their passion for wine for decades, through the cuvées of Château L’Escart, produced from their vineyard in Saint-Loubès. Gérard and his team know that greatness in wine depends essentially on the greatness of the grapes. Exactly for that reason, they pay attention and take really good care of the vineyards, in order for the vines to naturally resist parasites with as little treatment as possible. It is clear to them how important it is to respect the soil that does not belong to them. Thus, each harvest preserves the full expression and richness of the terroir. At Chateau L’Escart they like to say: ‘Making great quality wines and respecting the land that we are borrowing from our children’. It is precisely for this reason, and their strong relationship to their terroir, that they decided to convert the vineyards to Biodynamic farming. This philosophy continues in the cellar, where only wild yeast is used in the fermentation.

    The winemaking in this area of Bordeaux started in mid-18th century. The chateau, built in 1752, sits in the middle of the village of Saint-Loubés, surrounding the Dordogne River. It is ideally located at the gateway to Bordeaux on a fine gravel and clay-limestone soil. The chateau’s vineyard is spread over 37 ha in a single block over a clay-limestone plateau. An average age of vines is 43 years. Limestone from the soil gives all Chateau L’Escart wines exceptional freshness, length and distinction, while clay enhances the strength and density of wines. These are usual characteristics of the finest Bordeaux wines.