Domaine de Boissan

Domaine de Boissan



    Rhône Valley




    25 to 60 years


    Organic, in conversion

  • SOIL

    calcareous sandy-clayey in slopes


    500 ft


    Masters of Sablet.

    Founded in 1898.

    The Domaine de Boissan vineyards are situated in the area of the Dentelles de Montmirail and Mont Ventoux. The original winery was established in 1898 and was expanded in 1934. Their new winery and cave were built in 1985 and additional cellars for the aging of the cuvees were added in 2000.

    The owners, Cathy and Christian Bonfils manage the 50-hectare Domaine Boissan from the centre of Sablet. They are both from families who have been winemakers for generations. Cathy’s family make wine in Pommard in Burgundy, and Christian has inherited vineyards from both sides of his family. Twelve hectares of his Sablet holdings came directly from his maternal grandfather in 1982; he has since bought another 5.5 ha. In 1985 he took over his father’s vines, which were mainly in Gigondas. His vines in Sablet account for a third of his production. Cathy and Christian work closely with each stage of wine production, from first growth, through harvest, vinification and aging, fully appreciating the significance of their terroir and are always respectful of the soil on which their vines are grown.

    As they are convinced that much of Sablet is indeed ideal for white wine production, they have gradually increased plantings of the iconic Rhone Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier varieties. All their white wines are certified Ecocert Organic, while all reds are organic farmed and soon will be certified.

    Their ultimate goal is to preserve the delicacy of the fruit, so that the character of the terroir, the aromatics of the grapes, and the complexity of the wines are not in any way masked by any overripe fruit and high alcohols. They farm organically and biodynamically, depending on the vineyard. They exclusively use organic fertilizers. All grapes are carefully picked by hand at harvest, and they always make their cuvées based on what the particular harvest gives them. Of course, these blends change from year to year.

    Cathy and Christian Bonfils of the Domaine de Boissan have quickly gained a great reputation for wines that possess both balance and elegance.